From Code to Company | Episode 3 with Francesco Virga

Episode Description

This month we're joined by Francesco Virga, Co-Founder and CTO of Bounce, an events ticketing startup that has the user experience at its core.

Join us as we explore the inner workings of a developer-focused startup, from discussing the importance of the developer experience and retrospectives, to the value of trying things without the fear of failing. This episode explores how founders can set up their young startup for success.


Francesco grew up between Europe and Canada. He studied Engineering Physics at Queen’s University, where he developed an interest for computer science and entrepreneurship. During his time at Queen’s he led the development team for an agro-tech startup and eventually started Bounce with his classmate Sean Monteiro.

In his free time Francesco enjoys learning about scientific advancements, playing sports and gawking at the size of the universe.

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