About our podcast

On From Code to Company, we explore the practical business of the software industry with leaders and innovators from around the world.

About our podcast

From Code to Company is a podcast that explores the inspiring stories behind the founders and leaders who built amazing products and their journey to get them to market. We’ll discuss the strategy that’s powering the growth of innovative software startups and the challenges that they’ve faced.

From Code to Company explores all facets of the tech industry. From the established names that brought us the tools that we all know to the latest and greatest startups that are exploring the frontiers of software.

The story behind our podcast

From Code to Company is proudly supported by Zenhub, the leading productivity management and collaboration platform for empowering agile teams and organizations to scale and get more done.

Providing clarity, predictability, and efficiency, Zenhub helps teams from around the world ship better code.

Why you should listen

From Code to Company is the only podcast that dives deep into the practical realities of the software industry and startups.

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